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1) Like us on and follow us on Twitter @LaughforMankind be sure to check out the latest updates.

2) Register you school, workplace or organisation on our Register for 2020 page

3) Wake up on March 20 and make a real effort to spend the day thinking about all the goodness and blessings in your life and be happy and thankful for them.

4) Tune you radio to Paradise FM 101.9 Ballina or Bay FM 99.9 Byron Bay or ZZZ FM 100.9 / 900 2LM Lismore or stream live from Paradise FM or Bay FM websites on your phone, computer or tablet.

5) Set an alarm for 12.58pm March 20 gather your group around the radio or streaming device.

6) At 1.00pm let the sound of the contagious laughter overtake and you’ll have a really good laugh, feel great and happy. Laugh at you friends laughing with you.

7) Purchase the Laughing App and use it to make people laugh every day – You’ll make everyone feel happy and help us grow Laugh-a-Minute for Mankind around the world.

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Laugh-a-Minute for Mankind falls on Friday March 20, 2020

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