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How It Works

Put simply Laugh-a-Minute For Mankind harnesses the goodness of laughter to increase your happiness and well-being.


This is achieved via the magic of group laughter, its contagiousness and the overall sense of joy and unity laughter promotes. So at 1pm on March 20, the UN International Day of Happiness, participating radio stations fill the airwaves and internet with the sound of pre-recorded, pure laughter from men, women, girls and boys of all ages for just one minute. 

People of all communities across all nations are urged to listen in to their radios, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets or smart TV's and let the contagious effects of the laughter overcome them and join in simultaneously with all around them, across the neighbourhood, across town, across the region, the state and the country. 

Schools, households offices, factory floors, job sites, government departments, sporting venues, shopping centres, beaches pubs and clubs, in cars or at home, in fact anywhere a radio or internet connection is available, people  will be encouraged to observe the LAMFM initiative by tuning into the laughter broadcast.  

There is no cost, it’s free of charge. People just listen in and before long they will be laughing themselves, increasing their joy and happiness and the contagiousness of laughter helps others do the same. Happiness then happens.

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Laugh-a-Minute for Mankind falls on Friday March 20, 2020

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